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Everyday Magic for Extraordinary People

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We stand behind the quality and integrity of each product that we blend. If your order arrives damaged or defective, please email us! We are committed to going above and beyond to make things right.


Private consultations are available for those seeking unique energetic support using Reiki charged plant-based medicine. Each session is a 20 minute phone call where we discuss your spiritual and healing goals: whether it’s navigating major life changes, aiding in healing emotional trauma, or removing energetic blocks. Based on our conversation, I intuitively blend a personalized recipe aligned with your goals designed to restore optimal energetic balance.


​​We know, shipping charges suck. All USPS Priority shipping is a flat $10 no matter how large the box.  

Orders are shipped USPS Priority in the United States.


At this time, we do not offer international shipping.


Constantly Working Magick



Everyday Magic for Extraordinary People

In the early 90's, I wandered into my local New Age shop in Broward County, FL and immediately felt a connection to the herbs, crystals, books, and oils. I was offered a job (which I eagerly accepted!) and began working with an extremely talented Blender, who taught me about the transformational powers that plant medicine has on the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Effectively blending these ingredients together to achieve a purpose has become my calling.


Twenty five years later, I am still blending, still healing. When developing a new blend, I meditate and call down my Guides, who help me choose which oils will achieve the ultimate healing experience. Once blended, each bottle is infused with Reiki energy and set upon a powerful crystal grid to charge. The oil is then added to similarly Reiki-charged base (distilled water if it's a Mister, or an organic, highly moisturizing soap base for Body Washes).

Looking for a more personalized experience? I offer 20 minute phone consultations, where I listen and intuitively blend your own personal essential oil that will help you to achieve your own spiritual healing goals. I truly love what I do! If there's something you want and you don't see it in my product line, send me a message. I would enjoy helping you in creating your own personal magick!

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