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Gaia.Project Oil

Gaia.Project Oil


Formulated specifically for the GAIA.PROJECT, this essential oil combination is designed to prepare your Body, Mind, and Spirit for meditative ceremony.

Using a synergetic blending of Frankincense, Patchouli, Pink Lotus, Litsea, Angelica Root, Champaca, and Spikenard, this blend has been charged to do the following:


  • Calm the Body, Mind, and Spirit, thus making the meditative state easier to access
  • Provide support and healing to the Heart Chakra
  • Enable you to reach a place of trust
  • Promote grounding
  • Encourage etheric energy healing and opening of the Crown Chakra
  • Cleanse the auric field
  • Develop clarity of vision 
  • Aid in the connection to the Collective Consciousness
  • Facilitate our alignment to the Multiversal Matrix by connecting to Gaia via her waterways, ley lines, and sacred sites


Directions for use: Annoint the palms of hands and soles of feet, the back of the neck, temples, Third Eye and Crown. May also be used in a diffuser and rubbed along the outside of a candle. 


***To achieve the optimum experience, please use in conjunction with Daughters of Isis GAIA.PROJECT Essences***


- 10 ml Oil: Organic MCT oil (medium chain trigycerides derived from coconut oil)and Essential oils 

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