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Bye Bye Blues Body Roll On

Bye Bye Blues Body Roll On


Feeling stressed and anxious? Cranky? Lethargic? Your natural coping mechanisms have gone to shit?  You just don't care? It happens to the best of us. Roll Bye Bye Blues on your wrists, neck, back of neck, soles of your feet (basically anywhere you want) for some much needed soul relief. This is my go-to blend when the Winter Blahs get the best of me. This is also beneficial for relieving symtoms of PTSD. 


- 10 ml Oil: Organic MCT oil (medium chain trigycerides derived from coconut oil) and Essential oils of Italian Bergamot, Bulgarian Lavender and Rose Geranium.


***Depression is serious. This blend is  to be used in conjunction with conventional therapies, not as a replacement.*** 

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