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Oya Mister

Oya Mister

Oya "Storm-Bringer, Change-Maker, Mother of the Elders of the Night”
Hang in there! Resisting change is a fruitless endeavor, and Oya is fiercely committed to clearing the path forward with fire and lightning. Oya is the unyielding goddess of storms, commerce, and the dead - chaotic yet necessary, vicious yet nurturing, loved yet feared by those who cannot weather sudden change. She is a sharp businesswoman with a strong sense of justice, she keeps a keen eye on the marketplace and will punish con artists or swindlers. Oya is the Sentinel of Cemeteries and is often called upon during ancestral work, or to compassionately lead the dead beyond the veil.
When situations are beyond your control and change is already occurring, Oya empowers you to let go of that which no longer serves you. She clears the dead wood from life, burns what has outlived its need, and calls the storms to make way for progress. 
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