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Oshun Body Roll On

Oshun Body Roll On

Oshun “Ori Ye Ye O"
Relax by the river with the Goddess of the Sweet Waters, and refill your cup with her love. Oshun is the powerful and much adored Orisha embodying the divine feminine: love, beauty, and the joy of living life are exalted through her. She is the manifestation of all the beauty, sweetness, and love missing from the world during creation! She is a talented healer and is called upon while working with issues of self-esteem, abundance, sexuality, divination, and love.
Her sparkling charisma and fertility can be seen in the bubbling of rivers and creeks, which carry her laugh to all corners of the Earth. Oshun is critical to balance on Earth, and has no problem letting those who underestimate her importance feel the negative effects when she withdraws. Without Oshun’s presence, the rivers dry up and love retreats from humanity. Life is simply not complete without Oshun.


Leaving honey for Oshun? Be sure to taste it before offering it to her!


10 ml bottle

Organic MCT oil (medium chain trigycerides derived from coconut oil)

Essential oils of Vetiver, Cinnamon, Rose absolute, Coconut absolute and Sicilian Lemon

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