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Hekate Mister

Hekate Mister


Hekate “The Dark Mother, Queen of the Witches, Guardian of the Crossroads”


If you are walking through the darkness of human experience, you are not alone: Hekate the Dark Mother walks in the shadows bearing two torches to light the way. Hekate is a protector of women and the feminine cycles: midwives and mothers giving birth are under her sacred protection. She is a multifaceted force, known to walk the Underworld to help the dead acclimate to their new reality.


Hekate is known as the Goddess of Witchcraft with the ability to see past, present, and future at once (making her a powerful patroness of divination). Surrounded by spirits and ghosts, she is the symbol of the inter-dimensional border between life and death. Hekate holds the keys to unlock the magick and mysteries of the world. If you happen to find yourself at a crossroad in your life, call on her council to illuminate your most authentic and powerful self.

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