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Goddess Isis Wish Bundle

Goddess Isis Wish Bundle


Goddess Isis - She who is of Great Magick!

Tap into the manifestation powers of our Mother Isis and make a WISH!


Included in the bundle:

- 5ml Isis Oil: a gorgeous blending of cedar, rosewood, sweet orange, cinnamon bark and a whispering of luscious florals attuned to the Goddess energy.

- 1 oz Wish Mister: Let's manifest! Pink grapefruit, black pepper and a touch of honeysuckle brings your intentions and prayers to Earth.

- Palo Santo Wood: Ignite this Holy Wood and watch the smoke carry your wishes right to the Heart of the Goddess.

- White Chime Candle: White is the color of divinity, transformation and blessings.

- Lapis Lazuli Bracelet: This sweet lapis bracelet has been charged and blessed to carry the protection and magick of Isis with you everyday. Lapis is the stone of awareness. It assists in improving concentration and focus while also accessing your psychic centers and expanding your consciousness to unite with the Goddess and the Divine Realms.


We have all been affected by Covid 19 in one way or another. We here at Murphy's Essentials understands the financial squeeze, and has specially priced The Goddess Isis Wish Bundle at $22. (While supplies last) 



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