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Black Sage Mister

Black Sage Mister


Also known as Mugwort, Black Sage is lovingly referred to (by us here at ME) as White Sage on Steroids.


Associated with Artemis, Black Sage is a Super Power when it comes to protection, cleansing and decluttering. As an added bonus, Black Sage is an amazing tool to facilitate inner healing, astral travel, trance work, dream work, and shamanic journeying. 


THIS IS NOT MUGWORT ESSENTIAL OIL. The Black Sage show in the product photo is the same herb that we have used to produce this gorgeous herbal extraction. Purchased from an organic farm in California, this batch came to us freshly cut. We then dried it and blessed it in the same manner as our White Sage and Sweet Grass. We are very impressed with the end result.


A must-have for your Witchy arsenal. 


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