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Black Madonna Mister

Black Madonna Mister


The mystifying presence of the Black Madonna reaches far back beyond Christianity - some say She acts as the merciful bridge between the old religion and the new. Discovering the Black Madonna is a deeply personal experience, as she gently guides seekers to look within themselves to decipher who She is - compassionate, yet darkly powerful.


The Black Madonna is Mother to Us All, Queen of the Earth, and Protector of the Natural World. Call upon Her guidance when you need to look inward to empower the Sacred Feminine, are seeking cosmic balance, or when you desire to tap into Her holy sensitivity - allowing you to discover the light that is present in the darkest places. She is an intoxicating essential oil blend of blond tobacco absolute, clary sage, cistus, Bulgarian rose absolute, jasmine sambalc absolute, sandalwood and frankincense.

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