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Baba Yaga Mister

Baba Yaga Mister


Baba Yaga - The Goddess of Death and ReBirth

When we experience darkness (both physically and emotionally), turn to Baba Yaga. She forces us to examine the true, darkest side of ourselves and grants us the deepest wisdom which allows us to embrace that darkness. She helps us to identify those areas of our life that are not working for us, and using this deep wisdom, allows us to release and let go - ReBirthing a new you.

Working with Baba Yaga can be tough. She delivers her message with brutal honesty and expects you to do the hard work. No slacking allowed when working with Her. 

Be Brave - Let Baba Yaga wash new life into your soul. You won't be sorry.


Essential oil blending of Patchouli, Vetiver, Sweet Birch, Alspice, Juniper Berry, Sweet Fennel, Black Pepper, Egyptian Geranium, Sicilian Lemon


***Blender Note - As both my paternal grandparents hail from Lithuania, my journey with Baba Yaga holds very special meaning to me. This one's for you, Grandma***

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